Thursday, August 12, 2010

Speaking of ethical/ honest weddings...

D. is joining the wedding conversation today on his thoroughly un-wedding-related blog The Wooden Spoon. I think we're a little late the party, but earlier this week I read on CNN about Target and Best Buy's substantial donation to political candidates who oppose marriage equality. LGBT rights have been important to me since the moment in 8th grade when I found my usually quiet and shy self engaged in a full-on debate with a classmate regarding Don't Ask Don't Tell. The debate brought me almost to tears,* I was so alarmed by the vehemence of my opponent on a perspective I just couldn't understand.

D. and I are fortunate to live in Massachusetts, where gay marriage is legal. In this context, it's sometimes easy to become complacent on the issue, but my relationship with D. has made me more political and more politically active than ever before. Our decision to close our Target registry was not a difficult one: As soon as I read the article, I called D. at work, and we deleted it that evening. It has been important to us to have a wedding that is honest to our stance on these issues, and we cannot endorse, via our wedding registry, the denial of this basic civil right to all people.

* Full disclosure: I am easily drawn to tears. But, nonetheless, this remains one of the most vivid memories of my grade school days, which is saying a lot for someone who used to count-down the beginning of the school year every summer.

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