Thursday, August 26, 2010

Blog buddies

Do you ever read about another woman's experiences on the internet and think... wait, how did we end up on exactly the same wavelength? It's been one of those weeks for me as I've been reading Becca's thoughts over at A Los Angeles Love. An engageaversary and engagement photos all in the same week? Us too!

In all seriousness, though, engagement photos are tonight, and I'm taking a cue from Becca by approaching this in the most low key way possible.* So, tonight, post-work, we'll be taking a stroll through some of our favorite places in Boston, starting at the Boston Public Library, down Newbury Street, and into the Public Garden. No new clothes, just already existing favorites from each of our closets. After all the engagement shoots floating around with antique typewriters, balloons, and picnic baskets, I'm thinking simple pictures of the two of us, looking like ourselves and having a great time in our favorite places might be alarmingly refreshing.

*That is, after I had a mini freakout of confusion over makeup. I mean, apart from whether or not it affected my very sensitive skin, I'd never given the first thought to the ingredients in my makeup. But now, I'm getting married, so naturally my mind is buzzing around with questions of reflective makeup, long-lasting makeup, airbrushed makeup. Fortunately, our awesome photographer responded to my general confusion by saying: Just look like you. That I can handle.

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