Monday, August 23, 2010

Home and happy

Well friends, we're back from Connecticut and from an awesome, teary, hysterical, dance party of a wedding. It's been quite a few months since we last went to a wedding - I am the first of my group to get married, and we're really only at the beginning of the landslide for D. - and this experience overwhelmed me with joy for the beautiful couple. You could feel the anticipation in the procession, the teariness during the ceremony, the overwhelming happiness when they were announced husband and wife. I said to D. afterwards: This is what I want our wedding to feel like. It was the perfect antidote to a stressed out week and an awesome reminder of why we're putting all of this time and stress and effort into this event.

D. and the stunning bride breaking it down on the dance floor

Me and D. anticipating said dance floor breakdown

As D. wrote on facebook this morning: That was a fantastic wedding. Let's do it all again next year.

Yes, please.

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  1. You look like you had a fantastic time, and what a wonderful thing to confirm what you want for your own wedding!


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