Sunday, August 1, 2010

Slowly but surely

Welcome friends!

Friday marked the one year until D and I marry. It's only a small accomplishment, really, given that we've already been engaged for almost a year. Still, it feels like the marriage is actually, finally, really approaching.

In the last year that we have been engaged, the world of blogs has become a mainstay in my life. A beautiful community of women all thinking intelligently and lovingly about their lives, weddings, and marriages have inspired me to think differently about my own. In this last year of engaged life (and hopefully far beyond), I hope to contribute to that community in my own way.

Consider this a space for reflection, conversation, humor, and, let's be realistic, a fair amount of anxiety all about life, love, marriage, and feminism. Bon voyage!

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Blogs have opened up a world of community and conversation between people thousands of miles apart. I love that. I do not love judgmental or nasty comments. They do not engender conversation and community.