Friday, September 10, 2010

Fall days (and nights)

I feel like I should begin today with an apology to the poor person who found this blog by googling "extraordinary wedding quilt." This is probably not what you were looking for.

In other news, today is a pretty exciting day. It marks the 33rd anniversary of my parents' wonderful marriage, and, weirdly enough, also a 4-year mini-anniversary for me and D. Typically we celebrate this mini-versary* with a Red Sox game,** but our favorite baseball team is away this evening, so we'll be enjoying a more relaxed evening, one we could both certainly use after this week.

The last week in Boston seems to have brought with it a fairly sudden change in weather (even the temperature is responding to back-to-school), and suddenly I feel like it's fall around here. Waiting for the bus this morning, I almost wished I decided to wear tights, even though I usually don't allow myself to do so until October/ November at the earliest.*** I love the fall for so many reasons - back to school, fall clothes, my birthday(!) - but really what I love is that it feels like we're transitioning into a cozier time of the year. True, things always reach a whole new level of insanity during the year, and D. and I have been known to hibernate our way through much of the winter, but my hope for these cooler months is always that they will provide an opportunity to reconnect, be it under blankets watching a movie or over a bowl of my favorite fall chili.

Becca wrote today about date nights and mini-vacations. One of the best vacations D. and I ever took was a weekend trip to Newport at the end of February. Yes, it was absolutely freezing cold, and we were unable to enjoy any of those traditional Newport activities - the beach, sailing, sunshine in general - that make the town insane in the summertime. Instead, we were (literally) snowed in at our B&B, in front of the fire, reading and chatting. It was amazing.

So, somewhere in between the conference planning and graduate courses and multiple jobs and our social life, I'm wishing for a little bit of that this fall.

Our beautiful alma mater on a sunny fall day.

*The day we started dating for the second (and final) time.
**D. likes to say that he won me over with baseball.
***New England winters require that one learns the art of pacing. A winter coats or woolly tights too soon, and you won't be able to get any warmer come the frigid days of January.

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