Thursday, September 9, 2010


Hello? Have you all abandoned me after the radio silence this week? Please forgive me. Back to school is a very exciting time in my life, for a whole myriad of reasons, but when you're on the other side of the back to school it translates into a lot of work and general absence of time to think about anything else.

But, I'm back. And back with a conundrum.

Day of Coordinators.

From the time we got engaged, I really, really wanted a Day of Coordinator. As part of my job, I occasionally (read: every week) organize events of various scales, and these typically transform me into a hyper-efficient, officious taskmaster (just ask D.). It's not that this person is so very unpleasant, but it's just not the me I most wish to be on my wedding day.

A Day of Coordinator, I thought, is the answer to this problem. Someone, preferably someone like "working me," to whom I can hand over all troubles and responsibilities the day before. Someone who will act as the point person for the million requests and queries from guests and vendors and who knows who else. Someone who will free me to be the blissful, carefree bride that's definitely hiding somewhere inside my stressed-out, type A self.*

In response to this desire, I've been doing some research, and this research has led to emails and quotes for what these services might cost. Friends, I received a quote for Day of Coordination that cost, I joke not, TWO-THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS. Okay, I appreciate the value of these kinds of services (remember, this was one of those things that I really wanted, and something that I effectively do on a pretty regular basis). And I get that taking on these responsibilities on someone's wedding day likely comes with its fair share of stress. I also understand that being detail-oriented is a marketable skill. But, seriously, I'm considering starting a Day of Coordination business.

So, now I'm confused. In response to these quotes, D. asked me what practical things I thought a DOC might take care of. Naturally, when put on the spot I could only think of lame ones (helping put on boutonnieres?). This, of course, prompted a bit of a tiff between the two of us as the wedding crazy I was experiencing over this wedding mystery caused me to displace my blame on D., who obviously deserved it because he too couldn't think of anything this person would actually do that couldn't be handled by a parent, bridesmaid, friend.

In my confusion, I'm opening this quandary up the internets. To DOC or to not DOC? Did you have one? What did they do? Glad you did it? Was it worth it? Did you tackle it all on your own and live to tell the tale? Tell me!

*This, I hear, is what is known as a wedding myth.

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